List of Colleges Schools in UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Colleges are really matter for Students and Teachers college is a institution where students learn courses, improve its skills and get a professional certifications such as secondary certificates and Diplomas. For Teachers it is a main source of their livelihood where the show their passion of learning and spread the education and knowledge to students. Before going toward the list of Colleges in UAE and other emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi  go through the definition of college.

Definition of College:

In education, the word has its own importance and use extended to refer to any establishment or institution in which some type of education is provided, particularly basic and mandatory training, such as early childhood education , primary and secondary, can be provided in the  public or private college.colleges-in-dubai-uae-abu-dhabi

A college is the physical place where students, children and adolescents receive from teachers teaching basic knowledge in various subjects such as mathematics, social sciences, biology, languages, among others. On the other hand, we must emphasize that there are specialized schools in different subjects and which can assist individuals of any age.

The school organizes its activities mainly around a system: one that assumes a party must learn certain knowledge and elsewhere responsible for teaching them. Normally, the school for children or adolescents focuses on the idea that the teacher or teacher are responsible for all the teaching, placing students in a much more passive role. This may vary in other levels of education, especially when speaking adult students, which can have a more active role in this process. In addition to these mentioned parts are other actors such as the authorities responsible for driving and guiding the overall educational process.

important social institution in the processes of socialization and teaching skills

We can not sidestep addressing this concept that the school is an important social institution in the processes of socialization and teaching skills. It is through them that people learn about geography, mathematics and history, to read and write but also learn to live with our peers.

Composition of school: classrooms, blackboards and other

The school space is mainly made up of areas known as classrooms. The classrooms are rooms of varying size that have an appropriate amount of desks and seats for all attendees, and a board that is place where teachers explain the contents to their students. They also have teaching materials and resources that seek to promote and facilitate learning. Usually, schools have different types of classrooms that cater to diverse educational needs (classrooms for practical activities, for computing, for art, for music, for physical education , etc.).

Types of schools

Schools generally differ in their gratuitousness, that is, those who attend them do not pay and is the state who deals with maintenance in every way. As flipside of these private schools that do demand by students paying a monthly fee to attend they are.

On the other hand we can distinguish schools by ideology or belief system they propose to their students, as in the case of religious schools and the military. In both cases, the student attending the same will be taught especially in regard to the religion they profess and the military, respectively mark.

Other variants are technical colleges and art schools justly give students special training in both issues, technology and art.

Now, each of these, from their belief system, methodology, looking for students to develop in terms of knowledge and as a people for tomorrow to be prepared efficiently in the role you play them deployed in the society.

We must emphasize that the most common synonym for school is school.

Grouping that make people engaged in the same profession

Moreover, the concept of college is used to designate this group that make people engaged in the same profession, as in the case of the College of lawyers, medical school, school of scribes.

The mission of these schools is to sort and organize the professional practice , ensure that it is fulfilled in a satisfactory manner and is governed by ethics, and defend the interests of associate members

List of Colleges in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE

We sort out the list of all colleges of Two Emirates of UAE Dubai and Abu Dhabi with their official websites I hope that this may help students to find their specific course of interest given in relative college and for teachers to find career opportunities.

List of Colleges and Schools in Abu Dhabi

NO# College Name College Website
1 Abu Dhabi Polytechnic  Official Website
2 Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Official Website 
3 Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute Official Website 
4 Al Khawarizmi International College Official Website 
5 ADNOC Technical Institute Official Website 
6 Arab Water Academy Official Website 
7 Ashridge Business School Abu Dhabi Official Website 
8 Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies Abu Dhabi Official Website 
9 Emirates College of Technology Official Website 
10 Emirates College for Advanced Education College  Official Website
11 European International College Official Website
12 Fatima College of Health Sciences Official Website 
13 HCT Abu Dhabi Men’s College Official Website 
14 Gulf Center for Aviation Studies Official Website 
15 HCT Madinatzayed Men’s College Official Website
16 HCT Madinatzayed Women’s College Official Website
17 Higher Colleges of Technology Official Website
18 INSEAD Abu Dhabi College Official Website
19 Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Official Website
20 New York Film Academy Official Website
21 New York Institute of Technology Abu Dhabi Official Website
22 Police College Abu Dhabi Official Website
23 Strathclyde Business School Official Website
24 Syscoms College Official Website
25 The Injazat Institute Official Website
26 The Petroleum Institute Official Website

List of Colleges and Schools in Dubai

1 American College of Dubai Official Website
2 Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Official Website
3 Business and Technology Education Centre Official Website
4 Cass Business School Official Website
5 Chicago Training and Consultancy Official Website
6 College of Islamic and Arabic Studies Official Website
7 Computer College Official Website
8 Dubai Pharmacy College Official Website
9 Dubai Medical College Official Website
10 Dubai School of Dental Medicine Official Website
11 Dubai Police Academy Official Website
12 Dubai School of Government Official Website
13 Duke The Fuqua School of Business Official Website
14 Education Malaysia Official Website
15 EMDI (Institute of Media & Communication) Official Website
16 Emirates College for Management and Information Official Website
17 Emirates Aviation College Official Website
18 Emirates Institute of Banking and Financial Studies Official Website
19 Emirates International Maritime Academy Official Website
20 Emirates ScorePlus Official Website
21 Esmod Dubai Official Website
22 Excellence Training Centre Official Website
23 HCT Dubai Men’s College Official Website
24 Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training Official Website
25 HCT Dubai Women’s College Official Website
26 Hult International Business School Official Website
27 Imam Malik College for Islamic Shariah and Law Official Website
28 Institute of Management Technology Official Website
29 International Centre for Culinary Arts Official Website
30 International College at Zayed University Official Website
31 Jamboree Education Middle East Official Website
32 London Business School Official Website
33 London College of Fashion Official Website


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