Instagram will offer assistance to users who are considering suicide

Instagram launches a new feature that should contribute to the prevention of suicide. The tool allows users to anonymously report of Instagrammers messages that say themselves to want to hurt you. Also, cases of self-mutilation be reported to Instagram.instagram

Individuals who have posted such post received a message from the company stating that anyone worried about him or her, and where help is offered. Also guides are suggested. Instagrams parent company Facebook introduced in June a similar tool for Facebook users.

Social media are often used to discuss psychological problems or sharing of photos. Instagram the hashtag #sue, short for suicide, popular among young users often playing with suicidal thoughts. Each disorder has its own hashtag and got their own community; #Ana Example, stands for ‘anorexia’, #Annie means “anxiety” and #Bella borderline.

Although the communities are intended to provide each other assistance in negative feelings, his caregivers worry that those feelings are reinforced by the multiplicity of shared messages and photos. The search term #sue delivers on Instagram almost a million messages, which incidentally is not all about suicide. #Ana Gives 6.8 million hits, including photographs of girls showing their thin body.

Instagram is aware of the trend and gives a warning to people who seek the hashtags “messages with words or tags to which you wanted, often encourage behavior like self-harm and suicide. If you are going through something difficult, we would like to help “Who clicks through is advised to talk to a friend and receive tips from Instagram, such as:”. Breathe three deep in “” Open a window and breathe in the fresh air “and “Look up and enjoy the flight.”


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