Helplines for Pakistani Pilgrims During Hajj

Pakistani Ministry of religious affairs setup helpline numbers to provide solutions of problems faced by Pakistani pilgrims during the Hajj. Those Pakistani who find themselves in any type of trouble or if any accident happens can easily get help from Pakistani helpline which is setup in Saudi Arabia.
Facilities provide by these helpline are:
1. Founding lost items
2. Complaints & inquiry
3. Losing relatives
4. During Emergency

Pakistani hajj pilgrims helpline in Saudi Arabia

Helpline in Pakistan owned by Pakistan call center/agents
Helpline in Saudi Arabia owned by local call center agents and Mora staff
800 116662
For those how want to find information about Mina Stampede can use this helpline

It is necessary to provide hajj pilgrims a better experience and hassle free service so that they perform their hajj events more comfortably.

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