Dubai Professional Driving Permit Apply Online

In Dubai, UAE drivers who were professionally qualified to drive some very luxury vehicles as well as other sensitive vehicles like school buses and Taxi drivers have to obtain Professional driving permit to work as driver on these type of vehicles. Dubai government constantly introducing new electronic means of transactions which saves a lot of time same in Dubai Road and transport Authority(RTA) which were doing its efforts to make procedures hassle free and easy for both drivers and companies. Steping towards higher stairs RTA now introduced new online system through which professional companies will be able to apply for their driver’s professional driving permit online on RTA website.

How to Pay UAE Traffic Fines Online

In OLD system getting professional driving permit consume more time and driver have to complete more than 12 document to be verified and than apply for driving licence in this new procedure driver just need two document and permit can be applied in just 5 minutes online. Online system if developed well can work more efficiently as all of online system were integrated with each for example UAE Identity Authority is integrated with RTA system so that every company can be closely monitor and than verified hence companies don’t need to carry extra identity documents.

Professional Driving Permit Procedure:

First Visit rta(Road Transport Authority of Dubai) official website and from Driver and Vehicle Owner services Select professional Driving permit after that you will be able to see various options such as book appointment, renew permit etc.uae professional driving permit online

uae professional driving permit online

Requirements of Professional Driving permit:

Annual Medical Fitness Tests at RTA approved Hospitals and Medical centers

Criminal Clearance Certificate

And identity card of driver

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