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Everyone knows UAE is Home of many multi cultured expats from around the world and it Du main focus as many expats finding best international call rates provider so that they buy their services to call their respective homelands. Many of expat population still using telecom services for calling their home as they don’t have access to internet especially who were working as a labour. But as you know internet make the world deeply global that no one is now untouched from their friends and family. Du repeatedly offers various offers for those subscribers who want to call outside the UAE. We do our best to get you in touch with those international call rates offers sometimes the offer is changed or changes were make in offers provided by du most of information is from du official website where you find all of international call rates offers with other offers under special categories. Du UAE is currently providing these international call rate to countries Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Eygpt, Nepal, Uk and other 100 countries from where most of expat population is belong and living in UAE.

Du international Saving offer:

With this international call rate offer you can make international calls to over 100 countries worldwide with best rates. The rates for some countries were given below but you can see all the rates of 100 countries on this page.Call from as low as 36 fils a minute. 100 fils = 1 dirham

Country Rate/Minute
Pakistan 0.36
Bangladesh 0.36
China 0.36
India 0.36
Indonesia 0.6
Nepal 0.6
Egypt 0.6
Sri Lanka 0.6
Afghanistan 0.9
Iran 0.9
Jordan 0.9
Nigeria 0.9

How du uae international callsto Subscribe to Du International Saving Offer:

The process is really simple and you must do this type of procedure before on your du mobile phone.

To subscribe Go to your mobile phone dial menu and type *135*70# after that choose option 1 from the menu. To unsubscribe from this offer anytime. Just dial *135*70# and press 3.

Du Mega international Deal Call Rate Bundles:

Du provide their subscriber with amazing bundles at special prizes call to your home country with lots of international minutes

Missing relatives and friends back at your home than du got the amazing deal now call home usnig mega deal international.
The mega deal consists of bundles of international calling offers which provide you more minutes than ever before.

To get this amazing mega international deal dial *055# and choose mega international deal.

NOTE: You must have sufficient balance to avail this offer

Want to check how many minutes were remaining in your international mega bundle than dial *102# from your mobile.


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