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Bahrain Like other GCC countries has driving license which is important for ordinary expat worker as in the basis of this license it get new opportunities as well might secure more good job then previous, Requirements of Bahrain driving license is same as other GCC nations but it might have …

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Diversification in E-commerce and Online Shopping industry in Saudi Arabia boost the need of different online methods of payments, paypal is always top of them. You may thinking about how to use Paypal in Saudi Arabia how to connect paypal with bank if you’r a online shopper or merchant. Such …

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400 Saudi Drivers Protests in Front of Medina City Stadium

Almost 400 Saudi drivers gathered infront of city stadium  to protest against the expatriates taking up their profession. The protest take place in-front of stadium demanding intervention of authorities to resolve issues related Saudization. Protesters wanted to meet competent authorities to end the recession while interviewing with OKAZ. Their point …

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Fine for Employers Confiscated workers Passports

Qatar Start implementing his new labor law from dec 13 in the new labour law almost every thing is new for expatriate worker. The new laws abolished the old system of employment and hiring called kafala system and replaces with modernized contract based system. Contract based system given more freedom …

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MOI Announced List of Wanted Persons in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Official Authorities Announced list of Most Wanted and arrested persons on Sunday 30, 2016. Saudi Authorities. According to Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki Saudi Authorities after strict monitoring of terrorists threats targeting security departments and those dealing with Daesh we were able to identify …

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Top 10 strongest currencies in the world trade

A trader always keeps an eye on the ups and downs of different currencies. It attempts to obtain information on the stronger trade currencies in the world because it is part of his business. Foreign exchange markets are the places where businessmen and currency exchangers meet in order to do …

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