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How Transfer SAWA STC Credit To India

Expatriates who were using SAWA STC can transfer their balance to INDIA or 7 other countries but In the below guide I write the detail of procedure to transfer STC balance to specific Indian SIMS. The process is really simple and require just 2 minutes to complete. The international transfer …

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2 Ways to Transfer Balance From STC SAWA to SAWA

Saudi Telecom Company STC is the largest telecommunications companies in terms of coverage and the development of an area in the field of communication technology and mobile services and the Internet in Saudi Arabia. STC is characterized  by providing  lot of communications services from lines of connection Postpaid to prepaid packages, …

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Stop STC Automatic Balance Deduction

The problem of unnecessary balance deduction is common among cellular services users. Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC) subscriber in Saudi Arabia Also face this issues. Many of these subscriber don’t even know about the balance deduction and recharge many time but today I could tell you the way from which any …

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how to fingerprint stc zain mobily

Communication and information Technology Commission (CITC) is a major supervisory body that handles all telecom operations in Saudi Arabia. As per decision of CITC and other security agencies and MOI Saudi Arabia fingerprint validation is must be required for customer of telecom operators Mobily, STC, ZAIN and all other telecom …

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how to test speed of mobily internet

Subscribers of Mobily and STC always want to check the speed of internet connection provided by MOBILY and STC so that they can measure and also compare with other companies and packages. Speed test results are important in many terms as fast connection means better streaming of videos and increase …

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