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History and Facts of T.V Tower in Riyadh

TV Tower is one of the most important and greatest tourist attraction that exist on the territory of the city of Riyadh, and because of its importance and advantage it is located in the heart of Riyadh. The tower is considered a sign of technological progress and urban development and the …

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10 Best Family and National Parks in Saudi Arabia

Parks and public gardens are the outlet for many people to get rid of life pressures polluted  atmosphere and life enclosed inside homes and apartments to return to the nature, Saudi Arabia has focused years ago to set up many of the parks and gardens of the highest aesthetic standard and equipped …

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Masmak Fort Historical Museum Riyadh

The Masmak Fort حصن المصمك is important historical landmarks in the kingdom, and occupies a prominent place in the history of the city of Riyadh in particular, and Saudi Arabia in general, as it represents the blessed breakthrough that has been evacuated establishment and unification of the Kingdom, where combined this fort …

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