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Expats Allowed to Become Self Kafeel to Start Business

Pay income tax and invest in self employed business in Saudi Arabia, Government is deciding to allow expats to invest in free trade after paying of 20 percent income tax annually according daily Al-Eqtisadiah. Tasattur is a popular aspect in Saudi Arabia among expats in which foreign nationalists starts business in the …

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List of Veterinary Care Clinics in Jeddah

Keeping Pets in Home is becoming common practice in Saudi Arabia, but being a Pets owner you must also understand their medical care and requirements which can be achieved by giving your pet a proper checkup from veterinary clinic. Veterinary clinic is not only a first medical care for only …

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Beware of Fake Notices about Expat Monthly Fee

From several days our Social Media Members is message some notices which they get from their friends or fellows about starting of new expat fee from Jan 2017 which were totally fake which were just posted to promote their pages and for other norms. But the truth about these notices …

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Mumaris System New Account Registration Procedure

Saudi Commission for Health Services(scfhs) which is resposible for training, supervising, controlling and making standards for health professions, facilitates health practitioners through its electronic system called Mumaris. The Mumaris system requires health practitioners in kingdom to register the account in SCFHS portal for getting access to all services provided by …

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