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Check Eligibility for Performing Hajj

In Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj several laws were made, only those persons now perform Hajj who are eligible. If you wish to perform Hajj this year 2017 and want to check if you are eligible or not than read the method in order to verify your eligibility. Must keep …

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New Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been succeeded as crown prince, replacing Prince Mohammed bin Naif, According to Saudi Press Agency quoting Royal Decree. The Royal decree is given by King Salman in which Mohammed bin Salman is now appointed as Crown Prince and Prince Mohammed bin Naif now only remains …

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List of Riyadh Metro Stations Lines and Routes

 Riyadh Metro is ambitious Saudi Transport Project which is now considered as a major backbone of Passenger movement in the capital City of Riyadh. Metro Riyadh announced it routes, stations and lines by publishing an amazing map. The lines are given the name on colors BLUE, RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, VIOLET …

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Latest Electricity Tariff Rates in Saudi Arabia 2017

Luckily Saudi Arabia is blessed with resources which make him unbeatable in term of producing cheap electricity, expatriates of many other countries like Pakistan and India better knows the difference between tariff rate at home and KSA. Saudi Arabia Produce more energy and less expensive due to the production of …

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Seventy Days were left in Amnesty Scheme for Residency law violates to leave the country without any kind of huroob or fines. According to MOL the results of campaign are really positive till now. This Scheme is helpful for large number of expat living or working in Kingdom illegally as they …

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