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New resident ID cards of Oman

Omanis and Expatriates living in Oman will provided with high security modified version of Resident cards starting this sunday. Times of Oman Reports. According to ROP(Royal Oman Police) the new cards were very made with special feature which make them difficult to forge and duplication. One extra picture is printed …

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Job visa fees for expatriate workers will be increased by 50 per cent, the Ministry of Manpower has announced. Work Permits(Job Visa) fee for expatriate workers in Oman will be increased by 50%, to fill the gap in economy due to oil prizes the fee hike was announced on twitter …

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Two Year Ban for Workers in Oman

When any employee or worker run away from his job without properly informing his employer than a ban which mostly called labor ban or expat ban will be imposed on employee. In another simple words if any employee leave Oman or quit job without following his job contract than he/she …

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Oman Resident Card Procedure

Oman resident card procedure

Royal Oman Police Directorate General of Civil Status is a primary body that handles and issues Oman ID card, Resident card, labour cards, marriage certificate, death and birth certificate and some more identification related services. Resident Card is an official proof that shows you as living in Oman this id …

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