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Huroob workers won’t be allowed to enter Again in KSA

Huroon Run Away Workers in Saudi Arabia

Major Gen Khalafallah Al-Tuwairqi who is Director of Makkah passports police Told Al Madina Arabic Daily that workers or employess who run away without telling or contacting their sponsors will never be allows to return again in Saudi Arabia. The News Published in Saudi Gazatte. The fine for Huroob worker is …

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How to exit from huroob status without going to jail

How to Exit from Saudi Arabia under Huroob Status without going to jail? Check if your status is Huroob or not on moi ksa website after finding and confirmation of Huroob Status Now it is possible you have been caught by Jawazat Persons or Saudi Police and put in jail. …

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Check HUROOB Status On MOI

huroob status on moi.gov.sa

Huroob a word means meaning same as hell as those who were called as Huroob faces many legal restrictions from government of Saudi Arabia. Huroob are usually those persons who were working in Saudi Arabia and flea from their work without telling his sponsor. His sponsor gave the name of …

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