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No Tax on Remittances of Expatriates in Kuwait

Economic Situation currently hit by low prices in Gulf, now coming to Kuwait in the form of proposal to impose taxes on already poor expat workers. There are huge speculations in Social Media that Kuwait might imposing heavy taxes on remittances, a hard earned money of expat worker which they …

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US bans large electronic devices on flights From Middle East

Middle East and Gulf large Carriers Etihad Airways, Emirates, Saudi Airlines, Royal Jordanian airlines informed their customers about new security policy of United States regarding electronic baggage items. The directive issue by US federal agency of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which restrict traveler to carry large electronic devices having size more the …

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Expats Allowed to Become Self Kafeel to Start Business

Pay income tax and invest in self employed business in Saudi Arabia, Government is deciding to allow expats to invest in free trade after paying of 20 percent income tax annually according daily Al-Eqtisadiah. Tasattur is a popular aspect in Saudi Arabia among expats in which foreign nationalists starts business in the …

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List of Veterinary Care Clinics in Jeddah

Keeping Pets in Home is becoming common practice in Saudi Arabia, but being a Pets owner you must also understand their medical care and requirements which can be achieved by giving your pet a proper checkup from veterinary clinic. Veterinary clinic is not only a first medical care for only …

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