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8 Easy Steps To Apply for Bahrain Flexi Permit

A new term is moving all around  now-a-days is Flexi Permit, a permit which allows applicant to freely engage in job without any employer as well as can work for more the 1 job without permission of employer. Only eligible persons can get this permit. Eligibility Requirements: 1. Non-Bahraini Worker …

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No Ban on foreigners over 50 from working in Bahrain

The  plan to set the limit on expat entering in Bahrain have been rejected by Kingdom Council of Representatives. A Good news for more than 666,172 expatriates from different parts of the world living and working in Bahrain. Same as all other GCC nations Bahrain also wants its own citizens to get …

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Zain 3 Months Internet Plus Plans

Zain introduces its new promotional data rates and plans having double the volume with more validity.  These internet plans are called by Zain as distinctive plans, which these plans are different from other, subscriber can enjoy more surfing, streaming, downloading, gaming. Three Months validity gives flexibility for user to complete their …

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Local Hajj Booking Procedure Online 2017

Ministry of Hajj(MOH) local hajj  موقع الحجز الإلكتروني لحجاج الداخل – وزارة الحج Portal starts countdowns for online booking of Hajj. The exact date for when online booking will be started on 8AM 4th of August (1st Dhul Qadaah 1438) Local Hajj Booking 2017. the countdown is clearly visible on local hajj portal …

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Telemoney Money Transfer Exchange Rates Fees

Telemoney Money exchange and transfer service which provide services in Saudi Arabia to large number of expatriates. The Telemoney service is under Arab National Bank ABN, which provide more premium, fast and customer friendly financial transfers. To Transfer and exchange Saudi Riyals at Telemoney First time customer need to register …

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Oman Govt NOC Poll Results

Many expatriates shocked when Fifty Seven percent of Residents in Oman don’t want the removal of NOC, according to Online Voting commenced by Implementation Support & Follow-up Unit of Sultanate of Oman. At ending days of month of Ramadan Government launched an online voting session on Twitter Account At that time …

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Dependents Exempted from New Monthly Tax

1.Any non-Saudi employee working in Civil Sector or Government sector is exempted from new dependent fee, many government employees seems happy after seeing their online bank in account which show no amount under dependent fee. Jawazat also confirm that no Government worker is added to pay dependent fee. 2. If any …

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