A PC That Fits in You Pocket

The Dutch startup Ockel has built a mini-computer that functions as a desktop PC, media player and video device.

The minicomputer called Ockel Sirius A, is for sale for 449 euros through crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo , where the Dutch have collected within more than 120,000 euros a day. That’s well above their expectations: they wanted to initially collect a ton in one month.


Feedback from backers

Ockel a years ago by Tim Haaksma who previously worked at Philips and his other company Avanca already makes and sells more hardware products. He introduced last year a crowdfunding action for its first product, the mini PC Sirius B. was raised over half a million customers and gave immediate wishes for a next version. “They were excited about the Sirius B, but they wanted a battery and a battery in it. This has become the Sirius A,” said Haaksma.

Meanwhile Ockel consists of eight men, including an industrial designer from Delft University of Technology who created the design for the Sirius A. Ockel Intel and Microsoft will thereby help to build and develop their new device, which is put together in a Chinese factory.

This is the Sirius A

The Sirius A adjusts its size (15 x 8.5 x 2 cm) easily in your pocket. The exterior is made of aluminum with a striking design. “The design is based on the constellation of the Great Dog, where the Sirius A star is in also dissipates heat design without using a fan:. He is very quiet.” The Ockel name remains in the ‘space’ theme: the startup is named after astronaut Wubbo Ockels.

The top is fitted with a 6-inch touch screen with a full HD resolution. Here you can control with Windows 10. Once you connect a screen to the Sirius A, the screen changes into a digital keyboard or touchpad. You can also attach a physical keyboard or mouse to the device to use it as a desktop PC via the USB ports.siriusa4

Netflix Skype

According Ockel you can use the Sirius A for more purposes. Link it to your TV and use it as a media center to watch with Netflix. Or use it in conjunction with a bluetooth controller to play with Windows 10 games. Also giving presentations or control all your smart devices, the mini PC suitable according Ockel.

Because of Sirius A has a 3000 mAh battery, you can use it wirelessly. With a full battery you look about four hours of video and the built-in webcam you can video chat with the device. And because you work anywhere on a PC, you always have your files at hand.


The major drawback of the Sirius A is that you can not use it as a mobile device. Such a solution – a smartphone and computer in one – is seen by Microsoft as the future of mobile devices. The Lumia 950 phone with Windows 10 in combination with the Continuum adapter be used as a desktop PC. That’s just not a sales success.

“We do go through: one device that can do everything,” says Haaksma. “But Windows 10, we are not there yet. There is not yet mature enough.” Ockel example would like to propose a device with OS X on it, but that should not Apple. “Then you love on Android and Windows, and this device is Windows the best choice.”
A device with multiple operating systems Haaksma not rule out “a Sirius with Windows and Android sounds very interesting, but the use of Windows 10 is more a political choice:. Microsoft is our partner, and Android is Google, but we are not necessarily. married to one specific operating system, so I keep all options open. ”

Ubuntu Edge

Microsoft and Ockel are not the only parties that are working to build a smartphone that can also function as a desktop PC. Canonical, the company behind the open source operating system Ubuntu, in 2014 launched a crowdfunding project for such a device: the Edge . That project took his absurdly high funding goal of $ 32 million is not.

Even going there for years rumors that Google are two operating systems Android and Chrome OS will merge to create a universal operating system on PCs and mobile devices running. There is as yet nothing disclosed about.

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